Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Not even a great flood could save me.

Last night proved to be rather exciting, with some forceful winds sweeping across the country. Sadly, there was a lot of flooding, and having thought I was arriving at a drinks party, I ended up playing a small part in a large rescue mission. A number mucked in, and we all sang Christmas carols as we swept water out of the beautiful cottage.

As we were attempting to redirect the flood, I became aware that the flood was completely out of my control. With lots of people we could perhaps redirect the water, but we couldn't stop the rain, we couldn't take away the water, I felt very small.

But there is a God who is bigger than this chaotic flood, greater than the unruly winds, and who promised an even bigger rescue plan. 'In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.'Genesis 1:1. We can know that he is in control, for he created the seas and sky!

This term, during bible studies, we have learnt a super duper amount about the seriousness of our sin. One thing that really stood out, was the story of Noah. God chose to flood the world, effectively to start again, because the sins of his people had brought about corruption. Yet soon after the flood in Genesis 6, it becomes apparent that sin is still there.

And even though I can rejoice in his great promise never to flood the whole earth again (Genesis 8:21), it is madness that it really takes more than flooding the whole earth to take away my sin.

But God had an EVEN better plan in store... He chose His son. And tomorrow I shall be celebrating his plan to save his people, through the birth of his son, my Lord and my Saviour, Jesus Christ.

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