Monday, 17 March 2014

the lost and found.

To the unfortunate individuals who have witnessed me lose something, I am very sorry. I am a bad loser, in every way. But what gets me most upset, is having lost a precious item. There is no worse feeling.

If you are anything like me, then at this point, all other things will fly out of your mind, and you can only think about what it is you have lost, nothing else matters. Life has to be put on pause while you retrace your steps, turning your house inside out, and making everyone around you aware that you are not a happy bunny.

The joy of finding that thing is wonderful. For approximately 1 minute, you dwell in the joy and peace of it being found, and momentarily forget about the chaos you have left in your wake, it was worth it.

The bible says that every time one sinner turns to Jesus, that same joy is experienced in heaven (Luke 15:10). That sinner is found, and can now rest in eternal glory with Christ as Lord. That means that I myself was once lost, but I can joyfully say that I now am found.

Amazing Grace.

Again, if anyone is confused about what I have said or would like to talk through what it means to be found in Jesus, then drop me a line!

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