Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Series - Part 3: The Empty Cross

... And He has surely done it!

Easter is very much a time of new life. New chicks, new lambs, beautiful spring flowers, isn't it such a joy?!
When Jesus died on the cross, for me, I can celebrate knowing that He didn't die forever, that He was the ultimate picture of new life. Jesus died, and rose again on the third day. He now reigns in heaven, to be our King forever more.

You may be skeptical about the resurrection of Jesus. Well can I urge you to look into the evidence, for if the resurrection is true, then that changes everything. It really is the most fantastic, wonderfully brilliant news, for our King lives, the promises were fulfilled in Him and we can live with Him!

So every time I look at the empty cross I am reminded of two things:
1 - that Jesus my King is no longer subject to death, that He lives: Christ is risen!
2 - of the new life that He has also given me, that my sins are forgiven, and I can spend eternity with Him.

Happy Happy Happy Easter everybody!

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